J. C. Garand Match

The Garand Match is designed to put the fun back into competitive shooting, and to allow the entry level shooter to participate in target shooting as it was done in the early part of our century. No "match alterations" will be allowed to the rifles fired in this match including glass bedding, national match barrels, heavy barrels or heavy or weighted stocks. This match envisions the use of the "issue version" of the service rifle of the day. Rifles allowed in the Garand Match are as follows:

The U.S. rifle cal .30 M1 (all variations including the 7.62mm, but not including the glass sighted versions).

The U.S. rifle, cal.30 model 1903 (and all of its non-glass sighted versions to include the 1903A1, and the 1903A3).

The U.S. rifle cal .30 model 1917 Enfield.

The cal .30 Johnson model 1941.

The U.S. carbine, cal .30 M1.



The Garand Match will be conducted entirely at either 100 or 200 yards. Course of fire.

Ten shots offhand (standing), time limit 10 minutes.
Ten shots rapid sitting, time limit 60 seconds.
Ten shots rapid prone, time limit 70 seconds.
Twenty shots prone, time limit 20 minutes.

The time limit of 70 seconds for the rapid fire stages is designed to allow the users of the bolt action rifles to compete on a more equal basis with the semi-automatics.

Since this match is envisioned as an "as issue" match, the following restrictions will apply to the firing of the match.

No National Match models of the above rifles will be allowed.

No heavy barrel versions of any rifle will be allowed.

No glass bedded stocks will be allowed.

All trigger weights will be of at least 4.5 lbs.


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